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Web Enabled:
ClosetCAD is fully web enabled. All files generated by ClosetCAD can be stored on a remote web-based server which means that the company can gain access to its vital sales / design information instantly from any location on the web 24x7x365.
ClosetCAD is designed to work in offline and online modes. In offline mode all the quotes generated are stored locally on the client machine and are transferred to the central store when an internet connection becomes available.
All files generated by ClosetCAD are extremely small in size which enables them to be transferred over a low bandwidth connection in a number of seconds.
Key Features  
Automatic installation Collaborative design
Automatic software updates Real-time data analysis
Low bandwidth requirement Integrates with existing systems

Fig 1.0 Enterprise wide Solution (franchise / dealership)


1. Enter Client details into CRM system. 4. View custom design in Virtual Reality.
2  Design room Layout. 5. Produce part list and quotation summary.
3. Design closet wall by wall  
Note: All the components are directly linked together and with the central server.
What are the benefits of a Web-based solution?
Simplified Installation:
Installation of the software takes place completely over the web there is no need to execute any installation program from a Disk or CD. When the User logs on to the system for the first time the client machine is updated automatically without the user having to make any decisions. The next time the user logs on the system will be active immediately.
Low maintenance:
Web-based technology is easy to maintain, because there is a central point of administration and deployment (the web server). When one of the design components is obsolete it's simply replaced on the server and then all of the clients will be automatically updated they next time they log onto the system. 
Easier scalability:
The performance of a Web-based client/server application is more likely to be dependent on the capabilities of the web server and the networking infrastructure rather than the client workstation. Because the server is centrally located and administered, it is easier to upgrade as user demands increase. This is ideal suited to a franchise situation where the number of users will increase gradually over time.
Always Current:
The system checks for updated software components every time the user logs on this ensures that all the clients are always running the latest version of the software.
Real Time data Analysis:
As all the generated data is stored centrally, Real time sales analysis can be performed so management can determine exactly what has been quoted and sold at any particular time. The central office could perform analysis based on all of its franchisee, where as the franchise can be restricted to its own region.
Restricted Output:
All manufacturing data output from the system can be restricted until the quote is a confirmed sale and has been uploaded to the central store, thus reducing the possibility of manufacturing an undeclared quote/sale item. In short the system will keep an accurate record of all the business carried out by a franchisee.
The system can be directly linked to existing online CRM or ERP software systems.
Hosted Model:
You don't need an IT team to support it, there's no expensive hardware to purchase. Additional users can be added to the system as required.
Single Entry Point:
All the data generated at the point of sale is stored centrally thus eliminating the need of data re-entry.

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